I Believe Every Hire Has a Higher Purpose

Our Philosophy & Roadmap

Through sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, assessing, hiring, onboarding, coaching, team building and leadership development, Cathy Wynne collaborates with business leaders, mission-driven organizations and individuals to align their higher purpose for overall success.

Feeling fulfilled and engaged at work is the key to retaining high performers who naturally align with your company’s mission. It all starts with understanding where you are. Where are you?

Business & Employer Solutions

Do you find yourself saying or thinking the following phrases?

  • “I need to hire now!”
  • “Turnover is impacting production, morale and our bottom line.” 
  • “I need to hire strategically with diversity, equity and inclusion.” 
  • “Annual performance reviews aren’t working.”
  • “Employee engagement, retention and succession needs an action plan.” 

If these issues are becoming common, your business may be a perfect candidate for our products and solutions.

Resources for Job Candidates

Whether you are looking for a new job, a raise at your current job, or an intelligent strategy for resignation – we’ve got you covered! If you fall into any of the following categories, we can help:

  • “I’m ready to make a job change”
  • “I’m stuck in my current role.”
  • “I want my resume to stand out.”
  • “I want to ace my job interview.”
  • “I want a raise in my next performance review”
  • “How do I resign and not burn bridges?”
  • “I need professional advice on how to work with a recruiter.”

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The economy was in a downturn and businesses were not hiring in the early 90’s. Cathy was brought on board to develop new customer opportunities. She increased revenue and invoicing dramatically and was eventually promoted to a manager position. She hired and trained new employees, helped implement a new applicant tracking system and made the the office a top producer, nationally. She is a take charge person who gets results.”

Michael DumaineOwner, Point Staffing Solutions (Retired)

“Cathy, thank you for presenting us with an incredible team member who will certainly be a keeper and we can see she has so much potential to grow with our agency! If you have every struggled with the value of hiring a professional to assist you with your hiring needs and wondered if they were worth the investment, I can tell you that it is ABSOLUTELY worth it to contact Cathy. We will certainly be working with her again when future needs arise and would not hesitate to recommend her to others struggling to find the right staff for their company.”

Kristine LajeunessePresident, Always Best Care Senior Services of Central CT, Inc.

“Cathy is the best recruiter that I have worked with. Cathy is about building relationships not just job placement. Cathy was a great mentor and coach when it came to the interviewing process. She taught me to ask the right questions to an interview panel so I knew it was the place I would want to use my skills. Cathy gave me the confidence in the interview process to go after the position and company I wanted to work for. I would highly recommend Cathy if looking for a new career or an employer looking for strong candidates! With Cathy your not just a number, you are a partner for success!”

David OfsurykJob Candidate

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