“Our greatest moments of struggle inspire hunger for growth and a call to action we can’t ignore.” – Cathy Wynne

I’ve always known I would be a business owner. Every job I’ve had, I’ve taken an entrepreneurial and ownership approach.

Throughout my career, I had moments where I was shaking my head in disapproval instead of nodding in agreement. It frustrated me to support businesses that prioritized profits over people. In “doing more with less,” too many organizations forget it is their people who have the biggest influence on the bottom line.

As I walked in the woods with my dog Lena in the full throes of the pandemic, I had a thought: what would happen if every person was connected to their purpose and felt valued in the work they do? How much more productive would they be? How much happier would their boss be? How would THAT improve the bottom line? In this moment, A Hire Purpose was born. My career in sales, recruiting, team building and employee development has all led up to this moment.

From the time I hit the pavement in my early 20s as a sales representative for Snelling & Snelling, one of the nation’s most well-known franchised staffing agencies, I began to find my own purpose through a natural curiosity for the people needed to make a business work. I wasn’t afraid of cold calling, visiting potential clients unannounced, and even got locked in a stairwell of a Class A building in Houston, in pursuit of new business.

My curiosity, love of people, fearlessness and consultative approach helped catapult several organizations from “just making it” into multi-million dollar businesses. I now know that my own higher purpose is to empower every individual to discover their higher purpose in work. Today, my mission is to align talent with mission-driven organizations to promote greater fulfillment and harmony at work.

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-Society for Human Resource Management Certified Professional (SHRM-CP)
-Senior Professional in Human Resources® (SPHR®) Certification
-TTI Success Insights Value Added Associate
-DISC and Driving Forces™ Certified

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